Friday, August 9, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday 11

Wow, 11. I do love-me some prime numbers, though my favourite prime is (of course) 13.

I did something spontaneous yesterday... My family is up at the cabin this week -> parents, sister, nephew, and some friends of the family who go up with them every year -> so, a full house. I haven't been up with everyone for about 12 years, but yesterday, I threw the pets in the car and drove up. The weather is too nice, and my apartment is too hot, even with the new a/c going 24/7.

So, you'll get a lovely FFF written on my phone again. That isn't new... what IS new, is that I'm going to be trying to secretively type this up without anyone noticing. Yeah, I'm still a closeted writer to most people I know, though I did recently *come out* to my sister :)

Today's sentence is slightly influenced by Julie Dao's post from last week.

Happy writing to you all, and have a fabulous weekend!

No matter what they say about happily-ever-afters, fairytales are always tragedies.


  1. And here is an entry. I was going to do something for my magician series but couldn't fit it in all that well, so this came out instead.

  2. I was going to post mine today, but due to time restrictions and lack of patience I'll have it up next Sunday. There's no use in writing it quick and sloppy.

    1. What do you mean? All of mine are written quick & sloppy! I normally don't spend more than 20 minutes, including editing. After all this is supposed to be quick & fun :)

    2. This one I actually want to be pretty good.

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