Friday, August 2, 2013

I do foolish things

Since I mentioned earlier today that I did a foolish thing, I've had a couple people email and ask what the heck it was...

...and since it's a pretty funny story...

You know what a split-wood fence is, right? Something like this:

Well, there's one around the off-leash dog park. The strips of oddly-hewn wood are approximately 4-5" wide, 8-10 feet in length, and not a single one is a flat surface, some have up to a 45 degree slope.

Can you see where this is going?

Now look at this picture:

You all know I love Vibram Five-Fingers, right? The shoe in the middle is a Merrell Vapour Glove, the bare-foot experience, but has a hard sole to take the pounding from asphalt, cement, etc. The shoe on the right is a Merrell Pace Glove, another barefoot shoe, but meant for soft dirt/trails/etc... so you can see how the rubber has worn away to nothing (because I was using it on the seawall) where the ball of the foot strikes. See that vaguely squarish shape where the green has worn away? That's hard, slick plastic.

Well, since Sunday, I've not just been walking the narrow/rickety split-wood fence... I've been running on it.

But I've been running it with my Five-Fingers, or my Vapour Gloves.

Guess what happens when you're running/jumping in about 3' strides, but you're wearing shoes where the rubber/tread has worn down to nothing, and you're used to shoes that stick/grip.

Yup. So, I'm re-familiarizing myself with the acronym RICE, and have taped my knee up pretty good.

Too bad KT Tape does nothing for the spectacular bruising I have on my other leg, hip, back, & shoulder. After all, I did fall/roll off a 4' tall fence while running at full speed ;)

I've had three people shake their heads and laugh at me when I told them what happened... They've all said, "only you..."

And, sigh, yeah. I have to admit that's probably true.

By the way, I entirely blame the fact that I have ridiculously small feet for my height... I'm 5'9", and wear a size 6.


  1. well I didn't laugh, and you can't blame your foot size on it...

    1. Oh, you would have laughed if you saw me fall ;)

      Hahaha, I can TOTALLY blame foot size on it! ...too little surface area = balance isn't so hot = yes, I did something foolish knowing that :p

      I am joking :p

  2. Ouch! I hope that RICE works and you feel better soon!

    1. It usually does ;)

      ...and it's embarrassing to admit how often I use KT Tape, usually due to my own misadventures ;)


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