Thursday, November 1, 2012

Self Defence Mode and NaNo

For all those NaNo participants writing your butts off today, I thought you could use a laugh.

I laughed myself silly about this. I'm not a hugger and I wish I had a self-defence mode like Mona.

Happy first day of NaNo!!!

EDIT: Oddly enough, even though I'm not a hugger, I have the peculiar habit of picking up the people I like. At 5'9", it's not as hard as it might seem. It's fun to pick people up when they're not expecting it, but also fun when they love it and run up to me with their arms spread wide open and laughing their heads off.

...yeah, I'm totally "an acquired taste"...

Either that, or better after a few drinks.

Ah, and I've already passed my NaNo word goal for today... working on 'Brake Fluid' edits. I'm almost done, I swear... then I can get going on the new story. So far, 2000+ words. I'm over 58,000 total now.


  1. Replies
    1. ...during NaNo? Are you crazy?

      ...though I am flattered by your expectation that I COULD conceivable crank out a masterpiece in a month...

  2. frustrating - earlier I tried to put my word count in and the damn site was not working. Got it in now. I have an outline sort of but I've been just letting my fingers do their thing within the script - it's working

    1. Yeah, super-high volume/traffic on the first couple days is normal, which slows the site to a crawl.

      Good for you!

  3. here's hoping we survive this month!


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