Saturday, November 10, 2012

On my way out

Well, by my calculation, I'll lose somewhere between 10 and 14 writing days this month due to travel.

I'm just about to run for the ferry, and won't be back until sometime Tuesday, probably late evening.

This happened last year too, and the year before, which is why I've been sticking to half-NaNo's (25,000 words instead of 50,000) the past several years since I'm often away 50% of the month.

...did I catch up on my word count yesterday? Not a chance :) I don't think I even got a thousand words in...

BUT, I managed to get past the sticking point I hit a couple days ago with this scene:
(Mica's a dog... just so ya know)


  1. this is so different from BF in all aspects, except both maintin the beautiful writing.

    1. Well, Sikka is certainly more proactive, to say the least, and is guaranteed 100% female ;)

      She's literal, straightforward, and sees the world in black or white. When a decision is made, she goes at it full throttle... not much of a thinker, more of a 'do-er'.

      So far, I'm having the toughest time with Komil... he's a hard character to write dialogue for since all he seems to do is push my MC's buttons and get her angry, which is pretty easy, considering her nature :)

      I know it's weird to say this, considering I'M the writer, but I keep getting surprised at what comes out of his mouth...

      One of the fun things about being a pantser :D

    2. I find the surprise is one of the fun things about being a writer at well; it's always fun to find out characters know things you didn't think they did. And sometimes that you didn't know either about your own plot ...

    3. One of the main reasons I love pantsing ;)


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