Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2,500 words added

..1,900 more to catch up.

But I need a break now.

Time to haul the dog to the park for a good run.

Hope everyone else is having a good, productive day of writing :)

...also, I totally gave in and skipped ahead to write part of a scene with the lady of crows... and yes, I was channeling a little Hitchcockian flavour for that meeting ;)

I might post a piece of it tomorrow.


  1. Nice! I have done .. 1K today so far. I HAD a plan, realized it wouldn't work, and am not sure what shall happen now for this scene. Nano. Yay.

    1. Heh, yeah, but aren't you already over 30,000 words?

      You could always skip over the scene and move on...?

    2. I hate skipping scenes; I tend to just alter them until they're interesting, or figure out what is wrong before I go on. Else my novels would have no travel scenes at all, I suspect.

    3. that's why I skip and keep going, because often you can just tie together scenes with a couple lines, or a break in the chapter (or for a chapter).

      ...I suppose genre (and the conventions of writing within certain genres) would make that more difficult for some kinds of stories


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