Monday, January 23, 2012

Belated reflection of 2011 and looking ahead

Yes, it's already January 23rd. But it's Chinese New Year today, so I think it still counts...

I'm not much for resolutions. I think most of my true goals are long term, but of the particular kind where it's impossible to set too sturdy a goal-line in front of my nose, otherwise it will simply twist around into a noose.

2011 had a lot of good things. I started this blog and began interacting with other writers online. I've gotten over my fear of other people seeing my 'mistakes' by posting, commenting and even putting up first-draft material for critique. In June, we sold the last house I renovated and moved into the witch's hut, which I love (despite the witchiness, and all the crazy deer), 'cause through all the years of moving & marriage, I've never had the yard and trees I've craved. We also lived part-time in Vancouver for about six months, my 'home-town' which I have sorely missed over the last few years of island-life. We travelled a bit too and I cut off about 12" of hair, which always makes me feel lighter.

2011 also had a lot of bad things. There was altogether too much sickness, death, heartache, fatigue & worry.

I'm looking forward to 2012. To the possibilities that exist, to the goals I will fight for, to the new friends I will make and the pre-existing relationships I will strengthen & build. I'm eager to challenge myself with re-learning the art of porcelain painting so I can carry on that tradition left behind by my Nana. I'm itching to de-witch the yard, re-build the crumbling stone walls, cut back the four-foot-tall grass, plant gardens and replace the badly-leaking workshop roof and rotted floorboards so I can move my tools out of the garage and free up some room to actually park the car.

And of course I'm looking forward to improving my writing, in whatever form that may be.

I'm a fighter, but I'm entering this year a little battered, a little weathered, and a little less feisty, but I'm still looking forward to what 2012 promises.

After all, I'm a silver-lining kinda girl.

Happy New Years (again) to you all.

2012 is going to be a good year :)


  1. I hope the new year brings you happiness and adventure.

  2. I hope you have wonderful things in your future :-)

  3. yep you a fighter and an optimist (unlike myself) I don't do resolutions either nor make long term plans. Just recognize and seize opportunity when it presents itself. And yes I am looking forward to strengthing our friendship, you teach me so much :D

  4. Oh by the way - that's a wonderful way to do your blog with the links attached - you are a cleaver cat

  5. @ prerna pickett

    I wish the same for you!

    @ Sarah

    You as well :) "2012 is going to be the year!" has been my mantra for about 8 months now ;)

    @ sue

    ...a cat with a cleaver... that's even scarier than a cat without a cleaver, since they're already pointy at 5 out of 6 ends...

    Yes! we should chat on the phone again soon :)

  6. I definitely understand about true goals being long-term. I hope you have a fantastic year, and the silver lining just keeps getting bigger and brighter!

  7. @ Yvie

    Thanks :) And all the best to you too!


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