Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Deer, smoke & darkness

I'm crazy about fairytales, folklore & mythology.

In fact, one of my undergrad papers was used as source material for one of the PHD student's dissertation, which is not a common thing.

The paper I wrote was about the rooster, an important symbol in Ifugao culture, literature (epics, myths and folktales) and also in their rituals. The rooster plays a very multi-facuted role as a symbol, a sacrifice and a god.

Most of my undergrad papers were on similarly obscure and strange topics. Like the one on Vac I've mentioned previously. The ...general strangeness... of my research topics either endeared me to my professors, or distanced me. If there were three-hundred books already written on the subject, I didn't want to have anything to do with it.

But at least I was consistent :)

And all the library ladies knew me by sight ;)

I think, during all the time I sifted through musty books and burned my eyes peering at blurry microfilm, I secretly wanted to write my own stories of blood and gods and monsters. I mean, as humans, that's how we first explained the world, so how could you get any closer to where *story* came from?

So I'm having a blast with this new little oddity. I don't think it'll be long enough to be a full novel, it might never see the light of day beyond a few posts on this blog, but it's fun :)

This more matter-of-fact voice is what feels more *right* for this character.

Next scene:


  1. This read so well I wanted to read more. If it won't be long enough to make a full length novel, perhaps it could be a novella that you can self-publish.

  2. Thanks, Angela :) I've never done... narrator-y stuff like this before, so I'm uncertain if it works or not, though it does become more *active* in the next scene.

    I find I keep slipping tenses, since Project #4 alternated between past & present, so that'll be something I for sure have to look for during revisions :)


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