Thursday, January 19, 2012

Description up at Unicorn Bell

If you want a preview of a later scene in Project #5, the last half of a scene is up here.

...I spent this morning watching youtube videos on how to skin a bear as research... ugh.

Since I grew up next to a farm, not a lot of things gross me out, but for some reason, it's different seeing an animal all cut up and knowing it's not because someone is eating it/using all the parts. They're just taking the skin and discarding the rest.

Which is what really unsettled me. Sure, I love my leather jacket, and it's not like I'm about to trade in my shoes for woven-bark sandals, but I know the leather came from an animal where all parts of it were used, even the cancerous tumours which are turned into meat-slurry for processed pet food.

Still, it's amazing how many videos there are dedicated to skinning dead animals. When you think about how writers had to do research 15-20 years ago, it's just a whole 'nother world.

Sorry, this was a pretty gross post, wasn't it?


  1. Wow. I don't think I would have made it through the video at all. I'm admittedly a bit squeamish. I do wonder how writers of decades ago did their research since they didn't have the option to click and BAM, there it is.

  2. @ Angela

    Yeah, the videos have been... a little unsettling :) But not really bloody/gory or anything.

    Thanks to your comments about branding, I also hopped onto youtube and have been watching videos on that... although the tough thing is imagining how it would all work without horses, lassos, metal cages/etc with basically no technology... and on deer, not cattle :)

    ah, well, that's what the imagination is for, I guess ;)


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