Saturday, May 28, 2011

So, it's been a bit of a bad day...

The hard drive on my laptop suddenly died.

...and along with everything else, I lost a significant amount of my edits on Project #2 including a complete re-write of the most problematic scene in the entire story.

Just that one scene was about six hours of work.

I feel really crappy at the moment, but thankfully I have an old laptop (my old MacBook from university days, circa 2006!) and all the backups of my stories, excluding this last week of work. Because of moving, I have really only been working on it during the long ferry rides back and forth between Vancouver Island and the mainland. And have been so exhausted from packing/loading/unloading boxes that I have not had the attention span to remember to back it up.

So yeah, I'm my own worst enemy. After I beat myself up a little more tonight, tomorrow I'm going to take my poor, limping laptop in to see if the data can be recovered.

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