Friday, January 24, 2014

New Flash Fiction Friday

Head over to Skullduggery & Madness, play along, and have fun!

You know how I love reading flash fiction... and I was so happy a few of you wrote delicious flash fiction for me to drool over and feast upon.

Mine will be up within the next few hours, as per usual :)

I've been in Chilliwack all week, helping for the convention coming up in May, and I'm heading home later tonight. Don't tell my physiotherapist I've been using my computer non-stop for 3 days, and wow can I feel it... kinda like slamming your finger in a door... but imagine it being your entire arm -> shoulder joint to finger tips.

(oh, and I sketched phalaenopsis orchids with my left hand... surprisingly, not bad...)

Among other things, this week I've designed and put together a 30 page program/booklet. Of course there are still many empty/template pages, especially for ad space. There'll also be a memorial page for my deceased Nana as she was really involved in the Porcelain Artists of Canada guild.

Seems those rusty marketing-monkey skills are still usable, at least for things like this. BUT, although I love my Mac... Pages is so not a great program to be using for something like that... I need to get the Adobe suite, 'cause freaking page numbers? REALLY??? Does it have to be this hard to put freaking page numbers on a dual-page, legal-sized folding booklet...? I felt like I was back in the stone ages editing text boxes and lining them up individually on even after copying/pasting, I still had to edit their attributes individually so I could move them to the margins!

Anyways, have a great weekend!

...and seriously, come play along for FFF :) I am hungry! Feed me flash fiction!


  1. to say it's cold here is an understatement.
    glad to know a mac is not that perfect lol
    I have to get me a photo editing program

  2. Lovely progression. Yes I probably can say more but not at the moment. couldn't comment on other site

  3. Agh--forgot about FFF. Will hop over and see if I can dig out some inspiration :) Sorry about your arm, and yeah, Pages (sometimes) sucks, especially for big projects. It's a nice program, nice and cool, but functional? Not so much. Hope you figure it out soon.

  4. I only just discovered what flash fiction was. Being a bit of an idiot, I thought it was something rude.

    I was in Chilliwack back in May and June of 2011. I have a really good friend who lives in Hope. We seemed to go shopping a lot more in Chilliwack than Hope. You seem to be very talented. Then again, being Canadian, that figures, eh :)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, my friend.

    Gary :)


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