Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! …and photosharing?

2014 is gonna kick 2013's ass, right?

I believe so ;)

For those who are wondering, yes, my blog will return to its former state (with all the tabs, searchable labels, etc,) after I have a signed separation agreement. So no, nothing's been completely deleted and it'll all come back (hopefully) soon.

I am probably also going to re-start Friday Flash Fiction at that time.

One question for any photo sharing junkies out there… Since this year I want to get back into painting (since I am on the board for the 2014 convention in May) and other stuff like that, I wanted a place to document the development processes via photographs. For example, while designing/painting the pigs for my friends, I took a picture at each stage, both to share with them, and to keep so I can go back and re-look if I forget how I did something. For example, I need to remember if working with lustres, never to put the darkest one on first… argh…

I'd like to have these photos online so I can access it from wherever, and so that those who are interested can check it out (like those two friends have expressed interest in seeing the steps involved), but I don't want to post the photos on my blog since this is more intended for writing related stuff.

I'm looking at DeviantART, Flickr, Pintrest and a couple other sites… they each have pros and cons…

I like that you don't need to sign in to view DeviantArt, but they don't have a phone app, which limits my ability to update, Pintrest, I think you have to sign in to see anything, so I might discount that one outright since that's annoying to people who just want to causally browse and not have to create an account… so, perhaps Flickr?

If anyone has preferences/etc on your experience as a casual user (either poster, or viewer), will you please comment, or send me an email?


And hope you all have a wonderful New Year's Day today!


  1. Hope 2014 rocks :) I use/used DeviantART (mostly for looking for odd things for rpg games I run, really, but I have some poems and crap on it -- no art.) It is okay, but I've always found the interface seems clunky and dated. No experience with the others myself, but I have been threatening to make a pinterest just to share things with my mom.

  2. Im really no help to you re: photos but can't wait for flash fridays I'm running out of new material :D

  3. Can't help with the photosharing, but I'm SO happy you're back! Looking forward to your posts again :) Happy new year!


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