Friday, January 17, 2014

AAAAAAAND... I'm back?

Sortof? Maybe? A little bit in the interim?

My first Flash Fiction Friday Challenge is up @ Skullduggery & Madness. Come join the fun... please?

I still don't have the mental/emotional fortitude to leap back into the marathon that is 'novel', but I can whirl around in the flash-fiction playground a little, maybe dangle upside-down off the monkey-bars and pretend to surf on the teeter-totter...

Also, my physiotherapist* has officially banned me from drawing, painting, or writing with my right arm for the near future... so picking out flash fiction one-handed... expect that they're going to be short.

As usual, mine should be up later today, so come by, play along, and feel free to offer comments/criticisms!

Oh yeah, and this is my 500th post... W00T!

(sorry, that was probably annoying...)



* I'm pleased to say, "Wow, your shoulder was completely adhered to your neck when you came in, but now I'm getting a little bit of movement!", and, "I can finally feel individual ribs under all the scar-tissue!" are milestones of my current progress. And nerve-flossing? Waaaaaay more boring than it sounds... but still super useful :) I figure, I'll be crazy happy if I'm given the go-ahead to paint again by May, when the convention is.


  1. I might be able to do something with this but not today. I had to laugh at "teeter totter" I don't think I ever told you why

    was going to post on the other blog but you have capta on it and can't sign in with name

  2. Your seecond sentence took my breath away

    1. Haha, literally? Because it was a run-on sentence? ;)

      Or figuratively?

  3. Figuratively - didn't notice running

  4. Glad you're back! Will hop over to Skullduggery now and check out what's happening. Man, typing one-handed... You're a brave one. I'm glad you're back in the saddle, though--we've missed you :)

    1. I've been enjoying all the photos you've been posting on your site, and I LOVED your FFF offering! Dark & gorgeous.


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