Monday, September 24, 2012

Seahawks win!

...please tell me at least one of you is a fellow NFL fan and caught the Seattle Seahawks/Greenbay Packers game tonight...

Whether you agree with the final call regarding the Seahawks winning *touchdown* or not, it was a crazy game. On the good side of things, every moment was exciting and the stadium was charged-up full, on the bad side, there were so many bad calls on the field, which made the game messy and confusing.

Hopefully negotiations with the regular refs will be resolved soon. least no one stepped on/slipped on a replacement ref's hat in the end zone during this particular game.

Okay, too much trouble typing on my phone. G'night all.


  1. I watched here in Manila this morning via where I can watch any game FREE. Love it! I would have liked more scoring but am ultimately glad that Seattle won.

    I also watched the Pats/Ravens game the day before and it was a thriller. Did you see it? Awesome shoot out.

    Like the Seahawk/Packers game, there was an abundance of bad calls both ways.

    1. Nice! I caught parts of the Pats/Ravens game, didn't watch it all the way through.

      Personally, I think the only reason this call is being blown up so much is that Greenbay lost. If the situation was reversed, everyone would be saying what an amazing catch/win it was.

      I don't know about you, but when I re-watch the replays from the different angles, it looks like both Jennings and Tate had an arm around it, and they scrambled for control on the way down.

      Considering Greenbay nitpicked a 3rd down conversion call earlier in the game until it was overturned (also a play there wasn't enough footage to overturn, AND they measured and came up short...) I do think this wouldn't be as messy if the professional refs/officials were on the field.

      The coaches and players know and are taking advantage. Someone's going to get hurt at this rate.

      ...but it does make exciting football...

      Not a fan of the ball moving 300+ yards due to penalties though...

  2. Not a sports fan at all, but just came across this:

  3. I used to watch football every Monday with my husband. But somehow, we fell out of the habit.
    I do enjoy it, though and baseball, too!

    1. Baseball I can only watch in person. It loses so much of the excitement when you watch it on TV.


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