Friday, September 14, 2012

Fun comparison

Beth Revis has an awesome comparison post of YA, MG, and YA/MG crossover.

Calvin & Hobbes has inspired me on more than one occasion...

...and it also gave me hope that Project #3 (Left & Right) is a crossover, and wouldn't necessarily have to be re-written entirely 'cause of the subject matter. In fact, Project #2 (Simon's Oath) could also fall into that category, but only once the narrative has been re-written to be less distant.

Go check out the post and let me know... do you guys think it's an apt comparison?


  1. first of all thought you were away, second I cannot help you on this haven't a clue and thirdly I woke up and Phoebe told me something extraordinary and trying to process it :D

    1. I wrote the post like 5 minutes before I ran out the door. I was ready to go... the husband was not ;)


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