Monday, September 3, 2012

Long weekend

Well, one more busy day before back to routine, hope you all are having a great long weekend!

Our long weekend started on Thursday morning, on our way to Seattle for the last Seahawks pre-season game, which was FREAKING AWESOME! Also, Fin, the Killer Whale mascot of the Vancouver Canucks made an appearance.

(click for full size)

For the half-time show, all the local team mascots (and Fin) played football against a local high-school team. The funny part was, since Fin was the only non-football mascot, he pretended he didn't know what he was doing and proceeded to lay down on the field, start fights, etc. Whenever he blew smoke from his blow-hole, the crowd went wild.

Oh, and if you're interested in a writing prompt, here's a picture I took on the I-5 going into Seattle:

(click for full size, yes I removed his licence plate number)

We couldn't figure out what the heck was going on... was he trying to contact aliens (note the giant antenna on the top) or were those fins bolted to the side of the car supposed to be solar-panels?

Also, what's with the fake *blasters* where the licence plate would normally go?

On the front there was even more weirdness, including more randomly bolted on parts, and an interesting paint job featuring the jolly roger (skull & cross-bones) that was obviously painted without using a stencil or professional materials. Seriously, it was literally just a matte black rectangle with the skull hand-drawn in white.

I think the oddest thing about the car was the age of the driver. Probably late 60's-> early 70's. I would have expected to see a teenager driving it. Maybe he was borrowing his grandson's car? for finishing my edits? One of the best thing about long car rides is the brain gets a chance to roll around and made interesting connections it might not have before.

Long story short: I send myself 23 emails of reminders of things to change/check/add in 'Brake Fluid'. Luckily most are small things, BUT I did manage to finish the main chunk of edits and my document is now 23 words shy of 54,000 words.

Pretty close for my guestimation of 55,000 after the first edit... and after I clear out those 23 reminder emails in my inbox... who knows? I may just hit it!

How about you guys? Any wonderful log-weekend plans? Did you play or work? Writing? Travel? Camping? 48 hour X-Box marathon?


  1. Re, prompt: I think it's simple.

    Not all transformers made it into the movies. And not all made it through all the movies intact: too many wars, too many battles, and shell-shock sets in. Odd cars and vehicles scattered about the world, creatures of another world so traumatized by Michael Bay that they can never be any more than than their disguises any longer.

    1. I thought you'd have fun with this ;)'s amazing what anti-depressants will do when consumed by a non-human...

  2. 23 reminders? Lol, it doesn't matter how you want to vacation, you can't turn off your brain. But it does help to get away from the computer.

    1. Most of them were small :)

      Like, since the trip down was 7 hours, we listened to a lot of music, so a bunch of those emails are notes of songs/bands I want to stick in.

      The biggest change is I'm going to change the timeline. It suddenly struck me that, the present timeline takes place in November, so it doesn't make sense that the past timeline happens 6 months earlier... 'cause the MC wouldn't be in high-school yet :p

  3. had a good week end and by the way have some inteeresting pics from last week too. Sunday I wrote, though finding it difficult to get back into it and today went to the pool since it was so hot. So I am relaxed and ready for tomorrow when the charity comes to pick up all the stuff. I've got prints of dad's digital art too but not sure what to do with it. Would have been nice if he had dated his art and his pics. Oh and we found the photo album of old photots that we handed over to a family member. So lots of good last week even though we were more than just exhausted

    1. Glad you're back safely and had a good chance to rest at the pool :)


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