Monday, April 23, 2012

A quick update

Sorry, not officially back yet. I've got wicked insomnia, and that paired with dyslexia kinda sucks for composing (readable) posts. If you've sent me an email and I haven't responded... I will, I'm just rather slow at the moment :)

But here's a brief update of random things:

On May 1st, I'm flying to Ottawa for the Porcelain Artists of Canada convention, but I still haven't looked through the info-pack to see if I have everything. I'm curious if my luggage is going to get searched since it'll be full of powdered paints and small jars of mysterious liquids of varying colours and viscosity. I'm taking a seminar with Sol Brien to learn how to paint with fat oil, as well there are going to be a lot of demonstrations of different techniques/products. I'm hoping some of the artists won't mind if I take videos with my iPhone. I'm really looking forward to this trip :)

My hair got its first knot in it yesterday. Yes, that's a strange thing to report, but it's true. Since I got my hair all cut off again in September to donate, it's grown a full 6 inches, so it's down around my chin again (at the front). I'm glad it doesn't stick up like a hedgehog in the mornings anymore, but it's getting pretty shaggy. I should get it trimmed soon.

The husband and I were in Seattle last weekend for the Mariners opening home-game... unfortunately they lost, but the weekend was still fun and the weather was pretty nice. We walked around downtown a lot and visited a few areas I've never been before, like Capital Hill area and the University (yeah for Blue C Sushi!). I also bought a new/different pair of Vibram Five-Fingers to try out. The tread is for slippery surfaces, so they might be a little better when the weasely-beagle and me climb rocks along the beach. Seems they also have a new kind out that are better for running on hard surfaces, which is nice. I might think about a pair of those soon 'cause all the other Vibrams are more suited for trail running or indoor stuff.

My laptop is officially dead, but last week (before Seattle) the husband kindly set up an older Mac desktop which has been in a box since we moved to the witch's hut, so at least I'm not typing on my phone anymore. He's agreed to lend me his laptop while I'm in Ottawa so I don't go through technology withdrawal.

I had 4 plants die on me while we were in Seattle, and since getting back, the cat has been diligently chewing through 3 more as punishment for leaving him at the kennel for 5 nights. I'm a little sad 'cause two of the plants that died were important ones. One was an unusually coloured hibiscus I've had for about six years (it was a gift) and the other was a mango I sprouted (which is really difficult to do 'cause the pits/seeds are super sensitive to moisture and normally just rot). My lemon tree, avocado tree, pomelo tree (all of which I also sprouted), coffee tree and a peace plant are barely hanging on. It seems some potential buyers came through and someone turned the heat way up. Since we were gone for five days, everything really dried out. Good thing I've got lots of plants :)

Yesterday I counted 15 deer in our yard, either grazing, sleeping, or standing in the shallow end of the pool drinking water. The mated pair of mallard ducks did not particularly like their territory being invaded, which was pretty funny. They successfully chased off a robin who was trying to bathe but the deer just ignored them. I still see both ducks in the pool at the same time, so I'm not sure if the female has laid her eggs yet. They must feel pretty secure 'cause they both sleep out in the open standing side-by-side on the edge of the pool, and they never did that last year.

This morning there were four young does in the front yard meticulously eating all the flowers off of the spring bulbs. Grape hyacinths, yum. Good thing I spotted them before letting the dog out 'cause she loves to chase them, and with that beagle-nose of hers, sometimes she doesn't want to come back :)

The hummingbirds drained both feeders while we were gone and a few days ago I saw a type of hummingbird I've never seen before! I don't know much about hummingbird species, but the usual visitors have an iridescent green head, a white stomach and brown back, but this new one is all different shades of orange with a vibrant reddish-orange throat. Very pretty.

Well, that be all for now. I can't promise when I'll be back to regular posting, but it'll have to be after I start spelling properly again.


  1. May 1 is next week already. I remembered you said you were going. Just hope your health allows it. Hope you’re not taking AC
    Ah Hibiscus plants - I had one I loved just the right size and pretty pint flowers. Winter killed it a couple of years ago. Got a new one - am told it’s plate size - too big - and too red - but it’s there - or will be I suppose. My hybrid rose bush died also - not sure why since the winter was very mild. At least I have tons of pics of it.
    Your yard is much more interesting than mine.. Huge wind today and can’t find the BBQ cover. Am sure the spouse has no idea it’s missing. Where are their brains??

    1. Hahaha, nope, not taking Air Canada FOR SURE!!!

      The hibiscus was a gorgeous yellow-orange colour, which I've never seen before, and haven't seen since in any plant store I've visited.

      Hahahahaha... did you find the bbq cover? I've been outside today doing a bit of weeding and spreading bark-mulch, though my energy is super low and I keep getting lightheaded/dizzy :) Ah, well, at least I'm able to do a little ;)


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