Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Head on straight

Okay, I wussed out :)

Thank you so much everyone for your kind words, emails and virtual hugs while I've been gone. You guys are great.

I'll try to be back to normal M-W-F schedule very soon with the occasional bonus post thrown in whenever the mood strikes.

Oh, I also realized that I succeeded in blogging for a solid year, every M-W-F with no days off. My 1 year blog anniversary was April 4th, before I needed to take this little break, and while my laptop was being manhandled*. Surprisingly, I did 2 posts that day, though they were really short 'cause they were both written on my phone.

*the laptop is now officially dead so I will be selling it for parts. Not even Dr. Frankenstein could resurrect that beast... Oh well, now I have a reason to buy a shiny new laptop!


  1. Happy belated blogiversary!!

    I'd say there's no reason to be afraid of hope, but I'd be so hypocritical. I can not and will not pretend to understand where you're coming from. Your situation is your own and personally, details aren't needed. You are kindly sharing what you are sharing and that makes me feel special that you value your followers in such a deep way.

    Thank you. And it is my sincere hope that you can put this darned rock down, walk away and move on to other things you want to put your efforts into.

    Many hugs from Texas :-)

  2. I can relate to a lot of what you've said here. Being afraid to hope, being afraid to put down the rock and move forward...truly scary stuff. I hope you will find the courage to do both, although I can't say I'm an expert in that area and can't offer much advice on exactly how to do it.

    Sending cyber hugs and hoping you don't feel the need to delete this post when you wake up.


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thanks, Jenn. I left the post up as long as I did 'cause of your encouragement, but in the end I wussed out and took it down, as well as my original comments.

      If I left it up, it would only be a constant, negative reminder and I think it's best to focus only on positive things :)


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