Friday, August 2, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday 10.0

Wow, I really can't believe I've maintained 10 Fridays in a row...

It rained a little last night, which cleared some of the heat from the air :)

Another short sentence for today, but this time I'm not near-delerious from insomnia. I'm going to take Eva out, and write mine up when I get back.

I did a... very foolish thing yesterday and busted up my knee, so short walkies for the next few days :)

It was nearly morning.


  1. good prompt. you did a foolish thing....

  2. I spent the longest time trying to figure out how Anonymous' comment related to the prompt, and then trying to figure out what it meant. I guess it's my turn to be loopy from insomnia. Hope your knee heals quickly!

    1. ...this totally confused me at first... then I figured out it was probably a spam message that Blogger soon filtered out.

      So, you going to write me a flash fiction piece? I swear, reading has healing qualities ;)

  3. It was nearly morning. The blood strewn across my lawn was newly dampened by the dew, having dried in the heat of last afternoon. I didn't have the heart to dispose of the body at the time. The bogle looked remarkably like a child, worse a mortified child, in its pre-mortem guise. Its camouflage dissipated with the first rays of dawn.

    I looked down at the beast, its three heads with six eyes all rolled to white. Slashes marred every limb. Its trunk displayed the killing gash, an oozing hole between two ribs.

    I gripped the collar of its makeshift garment. The cloth, stitched together with waxy strands of sinew, slipped from my grasp several times before I managed a solid hold. Several hundred paces stood between me and the cesspool. I sighed.

    "Such is the life of a sentinel," I thought. "Danger, gore, and on occasion a meal when the land baron is feeling generous."


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