Thursday, April 26, 2012

A new project

Since my brain is currently befuddled, I will not be working on any of my stories in the near future...

BUT, that doesn't mean I'm dead to the world.

Today I'm giddy with excitement because I'm setting up my light-table for the first time in ages so I can work on a new project.

Light-table? Yup, it's the thing animators use to draw on.

It's a hinged tabletop where you can adjust the angle. Instead of a flat surface, there is a opaque plastic disc, which can be swivelled, again to get better angles. The second purpose of the disc is because light shines through it. In the table there is a mounted light, and when you turn it on, it shines through the disc and through the drawings.

Essentially, you layer paper one on top on another and you can see up to (around) 10 drawings at the same time. A (traditional/classical) animator can't really work without a light-table.

Light-tables are awesome :)

So what is my new secret project?

Well, here's a hint. I'm doing 1/2 of the work, my technologically-savvy husband is doing the other 1/2.

...not enough of a hint?

Okay, fine :)

Second hint: it involves a hippo with a straw hat ;)


  1. That sounds very cool! I'm always very impressed with people who possess artistic abilities. Even my stick figures are sad. lol

    In Which We Start Anew

    1. One of the benefits of dyslexia, I'm good at spacial-related things like building, modelling, drawing, etc. Painting is not my strong-suit though...

  2. lol was gonna ask what it's about - hippo in a straw hat sounds perfect!

  3. Do I since a mini-animated show coming about, one with a hippo and a straw hat?

    1. Hmmmm... half-way between an animation and a story ;)


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