Tuesday, December 20, 2011

First night of Chanukah

Well, the husband and I aren't Jewish, but tonight we will be downtown Victoria celebrating the first night of Chanukah with the lighting of the 2.5 meter high menorah at the legislature.*

What do you think... is it just wrong to wear a Santa hat as my head-covering?

Maybe I should play it safe and go with a toque...

Edit: Okay, we just got back and I was inspired to put this up:

Now we're going to watch Adam Sandler's 'Eight Crazy Nights' and decorate the Christmas tree.**

* That's just over 8 feet tall
** Yup, totally not kidding. I know, I know... mixing holidays. We both love the movie, but are strongly divided on the whole 'deer-thing'. If you know what I'm talking about, I think it's absolutely disgusting...


  1. Wear what you want and don’t get me stared on “political correctness”
    Happy Chanukah one and all

    I couldn't find a pic ....

  2. Yes, where what you want. I miss Victoria it is a beautiful place. Have fun.

  3. It was fun :) Quite windy, so it took a long time to light both candles and they kept going out. I think the wicks were too short, which doesn't help. They were giving away 3-D glasses that superimpose dreidels on every light source and doughnuts with jelly in them.

    @ sue

    I think I got it covered with the video :)

    @ ladonna, did you used to live in Victoria?


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