Sunday, June 12, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 2

Well, last time was fun!

It was great to read so many other writers' six sentences :) Go read the others if you haven't yet.

So, I know I'm going out of order... last time I posted a snippet of Alexander's mom, but these six sentences happen just before and focus on his dad.

Edit: Oh, the green bean comment -> they had stew for dinner and the mom forgot and put green beans in (she always put them in for Kaitlin, but Alexander hates them).


I hear the tv click on and the disembodied jumble of voices as he channel-surfs. When I hear a crowd cheering, I know he’s found the Monday night football game. The volume gets noticeably louder. Seattle must be playing and I wonder if he’s feeling lonely ‘cause of the green beans. Kaitlin always used to watch football with him and cheer really loudly for whatever team was playing against Seattle. I don’t think she really liked the game, ‘cause she didn’t have a favorite team or anything. I think she just liked to make him mad.


  1. Nice Six! I wonder who Kaitlin is?
    Kristin Wolfgang

  2. Maybe Kaitlin was pretending to like the game. I'd like to hear more about her.

  3. Kaitlin is Alexander's sister who recently died ;)

  4. Great six, really well written. Could picture it clearly in my mind. :-D

  5. Again, the voice in this is great.


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