Thursday, October 22, 2015

SiWC 2015

Well, it's that time of year...

Surrey International Writing Conference begins today for those taking Masters Classes, and tomorrow for those who aren't.

I'm going again this year and, like the last two years, I will post my notes online for y'all.

Wish I could give you the heads-up as to all the presenters/etc, but with the craziness of house-hunting, packing, moving, unpacking, and the magazine deadline, I honestly haven't even skimmed through the website to see what's going on.

One new thing this year, they put out a desperate call for early-morning driving volunteers a couple days ago... seems no one wanted to get up at 6am to pick presenters up at the hotel, then drive them to the airport...

...and y'know I'll take any excuse to drive, right?

So now I'm an early-morning-shuttle-service :) Feels nice to help out and give back since I've enjoyed the last two conferences so much, and such a huge part of the experience is all the volunteers.

And, amusingly enough, who I'm picking up and when is about the only thing I know for sure about the conference at this moment :)

Am looking forward to checking in tomorrow morning and browsing through all the possibilities :)

For now, gotta corral the pets! Eva needs her morning walkies and Berkeley is scratching at the door waiting for me to put him in his harness and tie him up outside.

Yes, my cat is used to being tied up. He's basically a house cat, and since he's a rescue, he's so aggressive/territorial, he WOULD go out looking for a fight if he had the chance. And not just with other cats... he would go after dogs/etc.

Oh! And a week after putting up the bird feeder, I've got a (still small) loyal following of 4 chickadees and 2 junkos. Good thing they're still wild enough that they immediately fly as soon as I open the door... wouldn't want Mr. Evil Goblin (Berkeley) to catch one of them... a cat-feeding-station was NOT what I intended...


  1. Oh, awesome! And, sadly, the bird feeder is giving me a story idea.... :)


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