Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Settling in

Well, I've been in my new place for... almost a week. Friday, October 2 was my first night, and I've been busy!

When I have everything done(ish - since I am planning to rip out carpet, redo bathrooms, etc, probably in the new year) I will post something on my Bailiwick site, since that's where I do put more picture related stuff and, after unpacking all the art I've collected over the years, I'm thinking of doing an art-related post to talk about some of that stuff.

...seriously, I am running out of wall space. And running out of window space with all my plants.

Today I took a break from all that kind of stuff to meet a writing buddy and get some writing done. Well, 5 minutes before I left I was in the garage with my drill, stud finder, and some 1x6's building shelving and covered in saw dust... BUT, I did stop and leave for the purpose of writing...

...and partially wrote myself out of that corner I had nicely painted myself into (ignore the mixed metaphors, please).

See, I think the problem was two-fold. One was the logic of the situation. How, logically, would both characters react to the reveal-that-was-revealed-about-25,000-words-too-early. The second thing was my MC, Sikka, kinda hit rock-bottom in terms of how she was feeling. So, she didn't have the energy/motivation to fight back and move forward.

And that was kinda hard to write. The "bottom" (please, no butt jokes). Because everyone handles that differently. And how Sikka would deal... that was the second part of why I was stuck.

...and that's the part I figured out... (it involves head-butting, apparently).

So, that was really good.

I was super happy that, even though I've been crazy all week doing physical jobs/chores/running around/etc and haven't spared even a thought to this story, that when I carved out my writing time, I sat down and... and... and...

...things came together :)

And now I'm super overtired because after writing, I went back into the garage and continued building shelves/etc and am now sore/exhausted and it's not even 8pm. And I haven't eaten yet.

Also, my dog is a lazy, wimpy lump who refused to go for a walk today because it was misting rain. Seriously. She almost pooped on the patio this morning because she didn't want to get her feet wet by going onto the lawn.

(spoiler: she pooped on the lawn. I made sure of it)

But she is also nice and clean because I got her groomed yesterday. She was pretty gross before... since she, y'know, likes to roll in disgusting things.


Now she is clean enough that I would almost let her sleep on the bed.


Because she still rattles the house with her snoring.

Which is why she sleeps in a different room, preferably on a different floor. In a perfect world, she would sleep in a sound-proof room.

Since it is not a perfect world (evidence: no jet pack, Seahawks have not been winning enough, delicious food has not appeared spontaneously on a plate and been served to me by a robotic waiter) we have agreed that she stays downstairs on the sofa with 2 blankets and 2 pillows and she doesn't try to sneak upstairs onto the bed.

So far, we have a deal.

AND, I realize I'm rambling. Because I'm tired. And sore. And hungry. And it's only 8:05pm.

Hope you are all having a lovely week! Canadian Thanksgiving is this coming weekend, so I am readying my taste buds for turkey!


  1. Ms. Monkey! Wow, it's been a long time! Glad to hear you're settling into your new place—ha, your Beagle made me laugh :) Love, love, love dogs. (Yeah, I know you know.) It's good to catch up with you. I'll try to not drop off the face of Earth so often :)
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

    1. It had been so long!

      Haha, yes, us dog-lovers must stick together ;)

      At least if you DO drop off the face of the earth, I know you're doing it in an absolutely beautiful part of the world ;)


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