Sunday, March 29, 2015

Eva at the lake

A couple weeks ago I went up to the cabin for a few days (don't worry, I'm not dumb enough to go swimming quite this early in the season) and, of course, I took Eva and Berkeley with me.

There were a ton of loons on the lake and a few pairs of Canadian geese.

...and one bachelor (bachelorette?) who would swim up near the shore whenever I was outside with the pets.

Now, Eva's pretty good about certain things... if you tell her to 'leave it' (like, a cat, or bird, or rabbit), she's pretty good about obeying. If you tell her to 'get it', she basically goes beagle-crazy and runs at it full-tilt to chase/play with it (since she was a puppy, I've told her to 'get' Berkeley, and vice versa, so the expectation behind the command is about play-wrestling, not about seriously chasing/hurting).

I didn't get a good video of her really going crazy with this solitary goose (this was near the end of her going nuts, so she had calmed down a little), but you can see a little bit of her trying-to-play behaviour here (with the 'play with me!' doggie-bows):

The funniest part is near the end where the goose is trying to bite her through the fence :D

Geese are really aggressive, so I'm not sure if it kept hanging around so much because it was being defiant, or what, but seeing the two of them together was pretty hilarious.


  1. So cute! EVVVVVVAAAAA! Also, I have a really intense love/hate relationship with geese. One bit me when I was younger, and I never really forgave them, but my family's from Maine and Canada, and apparently it's unpatriotic to not love geese and moose (although I don't know to which country/state).

    1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! Geese are super mean creatures! They attack people all the time, and I think only tourists like them... locals hate them ('cause they're so mean), so go ahead and hate 'em, I won't think you're unpatriotic ;)

      ...not sure what I think about moose, other than I always want to pluralize them as meese, 'cause it's funny :p

  2. "Get the bird?!" What do you have against birds?!

    *performs the ritual to summon PETA*


    1. Now you've made me curious what that 'ritual' looks like...

      Seriously, haven't you ever been chased/attacked by a Canadian goose? Hmmm, then again, I don't recall seeing them a lot in Victoria... maybe it's a mainland thing?

      Growing up, I was friendly with this family who had a small hobby farm... and instead of dogs to protect the chickens from raccoons/coyotes, they had freaking white geese! Apparently, they're better than rotweilers because they're so ill tempered they'll attack anyone/anything that wanders into their territory, and they can't be bribed with food like dogs.


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