Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Internets back on

Wow, I'm exhausted... and still a couple more car-loads of stuff to box up and haul over.

Y'know, I really should stop buying things at Costco... you wouldn't believe how many boxes are full of redundant cleaning supplies... like, do I really need 87 rolls of paper tower? (yes, I am exaggerating...)

And internet is finally hooked up. I don't even have a desk, but I was going through withdrawal so bad, I set my computer up on top of my dresser (which requires standing to see the screen/use the keyboard/mouse) and browsed for a fast 20 minutes before dashing over for more packing/cleaning.

Today Eva and I managed our first walk to the Kitsilano beach (I've been depriving her of long walkies with everything going on...), and she had a beagle-tastic-sniff-fest along the shore-line, her tail wagging so hard I swear she almost lifted off once or twice.

...and Berkeley, the evil black cat, AKA the cat who hates everyone except me... seems to like my roommate! He slunk onto her bed last night (which freaked her out), and actually let her pet him for a minute without biting!

Maybe he's going soft in his old age?

...though he still hisses at her every time she walks by...

Okay, time for sleeps.

Flash fiction friday should be on this week, as per usual... and I'm estimating I'll have completed all the moving related insanity by the end of the weekend, so I should be more reachable next week, and plan to catch up on my blog reading.

Hope everyone is doing well! I'm pretty sure school's back in sessions, so for all those parents, and high-school/university students... good luck getting back to your regular routines :)


  1. Who'd ever thunk we'd be addicted to an electronic device...
    you found the beach?
    that's funny about the cat
    Yeah I don't do cosco or the big box stores, stuff sold only in bulk and no room to put it anyway. Did I ever tell you what they have to do up north when we were in Nunuvut??

    1. I DID find the beach! Well, technically, I found the beach access point at Dunbar & Point Grey Road, then walked on the beach past the Jericho Tennis club and ended up on Jericho beach. There's this great gravel track (not like an oval sports track) that winds around grassy hills, along the beach, and around a large natural pond.

      There are also tons of blackberry bushes and hundreds (or perhaps thousands?) of rabbits... which were driving Eva crazy... she so badly wanted to chase them :D

      I walked with her there today as well.

      I cant' remember if you told me about Nunuvut... refresh my memory?

  2. Ah, yes. Nothing like evil cat stories :)

    ... I shall probably never forget being at least 12 and crying because my brother's cat would not let me on my bed. Blackie much preferred the double bed to the others regardless of what I wanted. My parents used to get quite a kick out of me trying to convince the cat to get off my bed 'Or I'll tell mom and dad'.

    1. Hahahah, I remember you telling me that! I bet he looked at you like you were as significant as a dust mote.

      Perhaps I'm biased, but black cats seem to always have twice the personality of other coloured cats ;)

      Berkeley IS my third black cat...


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