Friday, June 14, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday 3.0

Okay writerly minions, time to serve me up some awesome flash fiction!

(can you tell I'm overtired?)

Mine will be up later than normal today, probably in the evening sometime, as I'm scooting out to get a ream* of blood tests done, which will take a few hours. Nothing serious, just a yearly checkup thing-a-ma-boo**.

Soooo... you want your line? I've got your line, I've got it right here:***

The smell was worse than surströmming.****

Remember, take as long as you want, hopefully you can bang something out over the weekend, but if you need longer, feel free to come back whenever and post a link, OR post it in its entirety in the comments.

Happy writing! Please, oh please give me something fun to read!!

* Okay, not 500, but still, like... 9? Nope, 10. I double checked. Though for the 10th one, they draw blood 3x over 2 hours, so that's kinda like 12 :p
** I swear that's the technical term ;)
*** Oh, yeah, obscenely overtired. I'm actually typing this out at 12:58am and scheduling it to go up in the morning since I have to be at the lab before 7am.
**** The short explanation is: rotting fish. The longer explanation is here.


  1. Where do you come up with these lines?? I love herring ...your lines are not the easiest.. but you know that. Though I have managed to incorporate your lines into my weekly blogs so who knows? but we're away this week end so don't know

    1. Heh, that was actually a writing prompt from the ONLY writing class I've ever taken... which was in high-school ;) Mine was... typically dark. A guy about to be executed who gets released due to a grammar error.

      I actually intended to use a different one for today, but I knew it would be a rough day for me, so decided at the last minute to go with the one that could inspire a more funny/lighthearted piece.

  2. Did a small one on my blog that isn't very good at it: I knew I wouldn't have time last night, so did it on my phone at lunch Friday :)

    1. Here's the link for those that want to check it out:

  3. Feel free to stop by and read mine. I went over your limit (608 words), but used the prompt. Unfortunately, it isn't as lighthearted as you probably wanted.

  4. ...and here's the link:

    Hey, there were no requirements that it be lighthearted ;)


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