Friday, June 7, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday 2.0

Last Friday I started up a new thing, and I was very happy when a few people humoured me and played along :)

Hopefully you'll play again...? And maybe someone else will be brave too?

Here's the quick run-down:

I give you a line, you use it as is, or edit it, or make up your own, and sometime during this weekend, set aside a few minutes to write a flash fiction piece and post it in the comments, or post a link to your blog.

This is just supposed to be a fun thing to exercise the old creative muscles. You don't have to finish it, it can be little more than a character sketch, but just play around with something you normally wouldn't, either a POV, a genre, etc.

The only hard rule is, 500 words maximum.

I'll post my own later today, so come back, laugh (seriously, I have a horrible weakness for writing obscene run-on sentences in first-draft material), critique, comment, and/or post your own. I'd love to read some flash fiction :)

Now, ready for the line?

Here we go!

Even though the waiting room was empty, she sat right next to me.


  1. Hahah! It sounds like the opening line to a blog post I would write, complaining about lack of personal space in the city. (I whine all the time about people sitting next to me on a completely empty bus, or taking the treadmill right next to mine in an empty gym. GAH!) This sounds like an awesome prompt.

    1. Heh, the study of human non-verbal language is fascinating, which is also why I love the artist Edward Hopper, who was very interested in personal space in cities versus rural areas, and how someone can feel lonely while being in a crowd. You should check out a few of his paintings... they're pretty awesome ;) 'Nighthawks' is his most famous, I believe.

  2. And ... here we go, a very short story set in the Ghoulish series. Reminds me that I need to get working on the next novel in that ...

    1. Ohhh! This is AWESOME, Alcar!!! Thank you for writing it and posting a link!

  3. Sue also wrote one, but didn't post a link, so here it is:


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