Tuesday, January 29, 2013

fogged brain

an eventful ferry ride this weekend landed me in an ambulance Sunday night on a fast trip to the ER.

thankfully, it was nothing really bad, just a series of epic muscle spasms which then tore my ribs out of joint and sent my diaphragm into convulsions.

now I'm pumped full of muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatories & tylenol 3, a potent cocktail which has zonked me out completely.

sorry to those who have emailed me, as my brain is so fogged it's been hard to reply.

I'll be back when it doesn't take me 11 tries to spell 'muscle' correctly.

seriously... 2013 has been beating me black & blue... I think I'm going to bet on Feb 10 (Chinese New Year) as the day the slate truly gets wiped clean


  1. Hope you get well soon! (at least in time for your second chance at a New Year in February)

  2. I think my imagination is rather over reactive...or I've scene one two many scenes with aliens breaking from from human forms lol!! Just wanted to add a bit of humor there.

    Seriously though, wishing you well and my Feb 10 be a great new beginning and all that clean slate stuff :-)


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