Friday, January 4, 2013


I love the fog. One day I will write a story where fog is a major atmospheric component, but that would certainly lean further out of the Contemporary realm of things, and back into the 'I want to make up my own world, but without magic!' like in "Simon's Oath".

Yesterday morning when I took Eva for a walk on the waterfront, the entire city was smothered in it... Like the buildings were evaporating, shimmering in and out of existence, with odd crevices and windows lit-up by reflected sunlight, ever changing, even just by taking the smallest step.

Here are a couple pictures I took from the waterfront/Seawall... and what's funny is the sheer number of buildings in behind that are completely invisible due to the heavy fog.

(click on photos for full size)
Just for reference, I took this photo yesterday afternoon, so you can see what this looks like sans fog. It's a little park above Harbour Green Park, and it's about 3 blocks from the building I'm in. Eva and I start and end our walks here with tinkle breaks (for her, not me).

 Now, here is how it looked in the morning...

This is normally one of my favourite views because you can see so many beautiful buildings in the background... not yesterday :p And yes, that's Eva at the bottom of the picture... wandering off while I was trying to take the picture.

This is my favourite, unfortunately, my finger slipped over the lens... like my nice red mittens? I love how the light looks like it's bursting out of the windows. Incidentally, I was standing beside the light-bursting-building when I took the previous photo, so in this one, I'm looking back at it.

As a comparison, here's what it looks like yesterday in the afternoon, but from further back :)

This is down at Harbour Green Park in Coal Harbour, just a few steps from the small park I posted first. I think this is my second favourite photo of the day, although I'm sure all these pictures would have looked way better if I used a proper camera instead of my phone :) I'm pretty sure all those bare-branched trees are Japanese cherry trees, or maybe they are plum? Either way, in a few months they'll be beautiful!


  1. i love fog! We have a huge backyard and I love waking up on mornings when it's especially foggy and sitting outside.

    1. I just love the mysteriousness... and slight creepiness of fog... how it transforms a familiar landscape into something alien :)

  2. Lovely pictures and very nice description above too!

  3. Other option: set it back in a time a bit, like the infamous pea soup fogs they used to get in London via coal and general pollution.

    1. Hmmm, now there's a thought... the fog is literally pea soup ;)

      ...sounds like a silly MG story :D


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