Wednesday, October 17, 2012

1:57am + insomnia = sloppy BF edits

Since I can't sleep, I'm editing.

No, I'm not tackling anything hard, like condensing one timeline from 6 months to 6 weeks, and the other timeline(s) from 5 days to 2 or 3 (still haven't decided if I can pull off 2 days yet...), and I'm not touching the awful, choppy first page.

I'm starting on a few of the little things... like a couple specific scenes that nearly every CP/reader has gotten the wrong impression from, so clearly these are places where I completely and utterly failed to properly project my thoughts into words.

No big deal, right? the kiss scene (near the beginning), which had multiple small issues Triss' explanation in the car, the *why* of their first meeting fixing the horrible transition in the first scene of Chapter 3 where the timeline was super confusing and clearing up when everything started (for real), and settling the whole age/grade thing

...and once very specific moment where it shouldn't have been the hum of ready-violence in the air...

Little, easy things that somehow keep spinning around in my brain and keeping me from sleep.

I think I just know that I won't be able to start NaNo/November fresh if I've still got 'Brake Fluid' on my mind.

Yup, I totally suck at multi-tasking.

How about you guys? Can you work on multiple stories at once, or do you stick with one from first-draft to final polish before moving on to something new?


  1. Couldn't sleep well myself, which is why I'm up a couple hours before I should be lol!!

    Hope you are able to get those revisions/edits done. Sounds like you've had some confusion in spots brought up by more than one person, which is great so you can address them...all of them listed.

    I try to tell myself to work on one task at a time, but I find myself working on a couple of projects at once...thought not really meaning to.

    1. Oh yeah, the best part of getting 11 readers is the wide range of comments... especially when multiple people have issues with the same sections.

      I'm notoriously fond of subtlety... so it's no surprise to me that there are lots of places I need to add more information, or clarify what's there :)

      Well, maybe your brain needs a bit of a break? At least when you're taking a break from one project, you'd productively thinking of another ;) When I take a break, I tend to do totally unproductive things (writing-wise), like working on the yard or reading comic-books ;)

  2. oh good you fixed the sign in profile thing. Well it's your story, if you think it neeeds fixing... I'm working on only one wip right now, am obsessed. But then I multitask with my presentation and weekly blog, so not sure that counts. Since I'm obviously not finding time to work on said wip i think will try nano and work on the meat of the story, maybe

    1. I think the problem was 'cause I turned off the setting to allow anonymous commenters... 'cause I was getting a ton of spam.

      But I turned it back on now :)

      I hope you sign up for NaNo! it's nice meeting with a local community of writers who are all working for the same insane word-count goal at the same time ;)

  3. I am trying to crash, being too tired to sleep at the moment. And worried that I've done 10K of the 'untitled prose poetic I don't know what it is' and I may not be able to shove it out of my head for nano. I keep thinking about it, and not touching anything nano-related at all even though I need to clarify a LOT of things in my head before I write on the first.

    I'm worried that if I do move onto nano I won't find the place in my head this story is operating from again ....

    1. So finish writing this prose-poetic, then move onto your NaNo project... as someone who's written over 100,000 words during NaNo before, I don't think you'll have a problem...

      If you're in the right head-space for this work, stick with it :)


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