Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Well, I might not have luck with technology...

Still no word on when my laptop with be back, but my number was drawn in Authoress' new 'Public Slushpile Contest'.

...I was the second-to-last number drawn (#24) so please drop by, give it a read, and leave any helpful criticism you might have. If you want to say more than the allowed 'one sentence' (see below), by all means, come back here and write me a novel in the comment form. I consider no comment too small or too picky :)

...and I am expecting a lot of 'No's because mine is in 1st person.

The rules for the Public Slushpile Contest are:

  • Each comment needs to begin with YES or NO (meaning, it hooked you or not), followed by one sentence (one!) explaining why.
  • One comment per reader.
  • Comments that do not begin with YES or NO will not be included in the final tally.  (Because I value my eyeballs.  I need to be able to skim through the comment boxes and make quick counts.)
  • The 5 queries with the most YES responses will be invited to submit their first 500 words.

I'm hoping I'll see some queries for projects (and writers) I recognize... but just in case, if anyone else is there, let me know your number and I'll make sure to leave comments for you :)


  1. I assume you're using your phone. Well I read some of those submissions. tough crowd of readers. and they did critique the queries....
    did anyone get a majority of yes? I scanned quite a few and the comments for all were mostly no.

    1. I am using my phone :)

      it's an enormous pain to read any websites and write blogs. I am not even attempting to comment on the blogs I have read 'cause I know i'll drive myself insane if I try to 'win' the word verification.

      I actually haven't been on the site myself (due to the pain of using my phone), but I'm assuming on a nearly 100% 'NO' vote for my query. I'm just hoping a few will have more useful comments than, 'don't write in 1st person!'

      ...also, putting the witch's hut up for sale. so been busy with that, perhaps its good my laptop is unusable this week

  2. I got over there too late to have any influence on the contest. You got more yesses than you might have expected - mainly due to the premise. This, I think, is a good sign :-)

    Good luck with selling!

    1. Thanks! We only made the final decision to sell on Tuesday and we've already had 3 showings, 2 more scheduled for the weekend!

      I guess I de-witched it enough ;), my back is sore from all the power washing and ivy-pulling!


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