Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Okay, short post... it's really hard to type on my phone.

The new hard-drive I got installed 6 months ago... just coughed up a hairball and died.

I'm probably going to be offline for a few days, not checking my email/etc.

I was always a little worried 'cause this new hard-drive seemed to run hotter than the old one, but luck seems to be with me since I did just backup everything in preparation for the clean Lion install, so it's a good time for things to break ;)

Silver-lining, right?

Any-hoo, I'm goin' dark. See ya soon.


  1. that is a boo :( Hope you get back on-line soon.

    1. Definite boo :)

      Though I am getting used to typing quickly on my phone ;) I swear I'm just getting desperate... going through internet withdrawal...

  2. Wow, good thing you did that back up. I've lost a bit of material before but that was just a few thousand words, not a hairball-hard-drive-fail. Hope things go well in the fixing stage.

    1. Thanks, Angela :)

      I had a few big losses in the past so I'm a little better about backing up my info :)

      ...when in doubt, use the free version of Dropbox (online storage) to at least backup the writing files


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