Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another bite

...and just so ya know, I'm still not sure of the MC's gender (or name)

Continuing off from last time:


  1. Fascinating work you have here. I like the voice of the narrator and the sexual tension moves well with what's going on in the scene. It feels like a wanton violation on some levels yet a welcome relief in others.

  2. @ Michael

    ...I'm not sure if that was as compliment or a suggestion I seek psychological help...

  3. I'm really enjoying this. I love the way the characters are developing.

  4. Great stuff, Monkey! Really... I want to read on and find out where you're going with this. Small typo I noticed waaaaay up at the beginning: "friends" is missing its apostrophe :) Please write more, quickly!

  5. @ Sarah

    Thanks :) ...though I know I have to re-write that final para here since I don't think the meaning is entirely clear... ah well, first drafts :p

    @ Guilie

    Thank you so much for pointing that out!


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