Friday, September 6, 2013

FFF 15.2

7 minutes...

I had fun with this one, though it ended up as more of a character sketch than a story.

I just brought another load of stuff to the Kits place, and after I haul it in and unpack, I'm going to scoot out and give Eva a good long walk. Then I'll be back to read your stories!!! YEAH! So excited!!

200 words:

Jasper McFee was one hell of a guy. Not one hell of a good guy, or one hell of a bad guy. He was the kind of guy where you never knew if what was spewing out of his mouth was fact or fiction. I’m not talking tall tales, or fishing stories where a wide-mouth bass was thiiiiiiiis big, or even dame stories, like some triple-F-cup decked in leather throwing herself at him in a bar.

No, with Jasper, it could start out with a parking ticket, and end up with him naked in an alley four cities away with the police on his ass or gangsters emptying lead at the dumpster he was hiding in.

He’d be knocking back a pint while telling you his story, fresh bruises on his face, or a nasty-looking bandage on his arm, and just that way he’d tell it, you’d have no idea if he was full of shit. You’d say, ‘Good one, Jasper’, but he’d just smile in that funny way of his, shrug like he didn’t care if you believed him, and something about that look on his face would make you sober up and stop laughing.


  1. ooo I like it - easily incorporated in either Alor or my story - or on its own -- so many ideas so little time

    1. Haha, you didn't catch the glaring typo I just fixed ;) 'moth' instead of 'mouth' in sentence #3 ;p

  2. Huh, that is a fun character study .... and yeah, not giving a shit if someone believes you or not IS a good way to make 'em do so. If done right :)

  3. Fun story! You really get a feel for him. :)


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