Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A small tribute + orchids

I was already planning to put up a short series of posts about orchids because a few people have asked me about my ever-growing collection.

The reason I decided to do it now is because the dear family friend who just died was also an orchid lover. One of her favourite things to do was go plant shopping with me and my mom, so it seemed fitting to write these posts as I am coming to terms with her very sudden death.

For all of you who have private messaged/emailed/texted me, thank you so much.

Orchids, pt 1

Orchids, pt 2

Orchids, pt 3


  1. Ah, hell. I often think it's worse when you know they're dying, and the date shifts from what doctors 'expect' ...

    In regard to the orchids, though: is there a particular reason they die so quickly like that? You'd think it would make survival after rain and such less likely, unless I'm confused about the entire thing?

  2. Yeah, you kinda think you have time to get your head/heart prepared, then it comes out of nowhere.

    Many orchids you buy in a store in a pot actually grow in trees in the bark/moss in tropical countries, so their roots are largely exposed to the air and they absorb moisture from the humid air and they don't need a lot of fertilizer since they get what they need from decomposing moss/bark/etc.

    So stuffing them in a pot packed with moss essentially suffocates them.

    1. oh, and the thing about the rain, since they grow in trees, they are mostly sheltered from rain by the canopy.

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