Monday, May 18, 2015

Starting to feel like normal :)

Well, since the court-date has passed and it seems like everything is on track for my divorce to finalize in June, I feel like things are starting to get back to normal and I don't have to censor my online life anymore.

SO, pages (at the top) are up again, as well as the ability to navigate old posts via archive & labels are back...

And a couple new things have been added:

One of the reasons my blogging has been a little less... frequent is because I've been dipping a proverbial toe into the twitter-universe.

Best/worst part about it? Having actual evidence of the number of dyslexic errors I make since I don't have the ability to really edit, unlike here :) You're welcome to come laugh at me :D

Also, I sortof put up a small website. Still playing around with what I want. I was going for a look that suits my personality... laid back, a little bit silly/fun, but all relevant information is accessible & clear.

Suggestions/corrections are always welcome :)

Well, that's what I've been doing... how about you? Anything new/interesting to report?

...I know one of my long-time buddies is graduating today!


Time to take over the world with your giant, beautiful brain :D


  1. ... must not have Jay respond to this. Must not..... :)

    1. Hahaha, I'm trying to be respectful and NOT use people's "real" names online... (ahem) ALCAR


    2. *laughs* This account just uses 'alcar' since that's a name I've used online for years (and the first blog I had was/is for game stuff under that name) and figured it would confuse new players less way back when -- in 2003, it seems. I used it as my default when signing up for stuff since it's likely not taken and I'll be able to see if I have signed up for a forum etc. before. Makes for a fun case where it's not anonymity as much as laziness now :)

    3. Yeah, but since you use 'Alcar' I feel it would be rude to "out" your real name.

  2. Ah, twitter. I mostly just use it for following some people in the pen/paper RPG industry. Also for following Darusha, and now you. (The account is @dicebotofdoom; don't follow it back since it IS a dicebot I run and mostly just posted dice rolled from IRC and occasional odd snark.) I figure I'm spread thin enough online without adding twitter to the mix myself, so don't have any kind of personal account.

    1. Good call. It took me a lot of thought before I eventually signed up. In the end, I did because it's a good way to casually chat with people, AND it's an excellent way to force me to not be so... shy/afraid of dyslexic errors.

      I still won't use Facebook. I just don't like... it. For a number of reasons.


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