Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I admit, I have a problem

I'm addicted to opening up Safari tabs/windows, and then not closing them when I'm done.

My laptop has been complaining (for over a week) that it wants to download new updates, but I keep refusing because I don't want to close down anything.

I'm pretty sure some of these have been open for more than a month...

I have 7 different windows with a total of 63 tabs JUST with books ...all ones I haven't decided whether I want to add them to my amazon wishlist or not.

There are 12 different wiki pages open (some with multiple tabs) from everything from Amanirenas, Bactria (not bacteria), to Ischemia.

...eBay links to different types of paintbrushes, YouTube videos on orchid repotting, car rims, motorcycles, running shoe brands/designs, art schools in the USA and France, info about serotonin/amino acid therapy, and the song lyrics for 4 different obscure songs.

I know I could bookmark them and look at them later. I know I could just quit Safari, install the updates, re-open Safari and just click 'reopen all windows from last session'. I know most of these windows are open because I've skimmed the material, but want to give it a more thorough read, but since I don't 'need' the information right at this moment, I'm simply holding it until I do need it... almost as if I somehow think Google won't work a second time...

But the problem is I like having everything open. I like being able to right-click on the Safari icon and see everything that's open in a neat, alphabetical list. I like seeing the weird tangents of curiosity my brain takes.

My head is messy and cluttered... and this is a visual semi-orginized representation of what tidbits are currently 'important'.

sigh... but I also know it would only take me about 1/2 hour to clean up all these links, bookmark the important (research) ones, and actually choose which books to add to my overinflated wishlist (currently hovering at 640 items).

...okay, I have 27 minutes before I need to leave for physio... let's see how much of this I can get done...


  1. Heh. I keep a folder called 'later' for stuff like that; in at least one case the link had expired/been eaten before I got around to reading it in depth.

    1. I bookmark some links, but my memory is really good so normally if I just read something once I will remember the 'big picture idea' of it.

      After all, they're not for a research paper or anything... footnotes not needed ;)

      I'm down to 29 windows now, approximately 50 tabs total.

  2. I would go crazy with all of those tabs open!!! I can only have one or two open at a time, or I get really uncomfortable. Same with desktop folders.

    1. My desktop is very clean - 6 folders, and I don't have many programs running other than Safari. I even close down my mail program when I'm writing.

      Do you bookmark lots of things for research?


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