Saturday, September 13, 2014

Sadness, and a birthday

Since my writing buddy Sue died in May, honestly, posting on this blog has made me sad. So has checking my blog-related email address. It's also why I haven't posted any flash fiction recently on Skullduggery&Madness.

I'm sad to write a new post and know I'm not ever going to see her name in the comment section below, or have have her 'dress me down' in a long email when she thought I'd missed something, or got it wrong. She's also not going to join in on another flash fiction prompt.

I miss chatting with her on the phone, hearing her New York accent, rough from smoking, her sense of humour, and the way that, even though we wrote in completely different styles/genres, we still had a great time talking about books and writing.

There's been a lot of death in my life over the past few years. Sue was the second death just this year.

I'm still curled-up in grief, for the end of precious lives, and other things.

It would have been Sue's birthday just a few weeks ago.

And today is my birthday.

I'm heading down to the USA to spend the day with a friend, and tomorrow I'm going to hang out with my family watching football and eating turkey.

It will be a good birthday, but I'm still sad. I still miss my writing friend.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone, and if you're watching football, cheer for the Seahawks.

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