Monday, August 25, 2014

All better now

Order has been returned to the universe.

I'm amazed at how much smaller (and thinner!) the Paperwhite is compared to my old Kindle.

...but I'm also amazed at how long it takes to re-do all the organization. Too bad that information isn't stored online... and when there's over 350 books to sort through, it's difficult to remember what folder/category they all originally went in.


  1. You can create folders on the kindle? What have I been wrong all these years!? Congrats on getting the Paperwhite :-)

    1. Yup, they call them 'Collections', but it's essentially a folder system in which to organize your books. I've got one for non-fiction, one for MG/YA, one for 'classics', etc

      When I finish a book, it gets filed in the relevant folder, so I know any books NOT in a folder, I haven't read yet ;)

      And because I go through reading binges (3.5 books just since yesterday morning), having a good organizational system is essential or I would never know which I had read and which I hadn't.

  2. Smaller. Thinner. Uh-huh.

    That looks just like those before and after diet plans where there is a new tan, and new clothing, and always a new haircut. (But it's the same person, honest!)

    1. Haha, true :)

      ...the thing I'm having the most problem getting used to is that it's a touch screen, and (of course) my old one wasn't. I keep accidentally touching the screen and changing the font size and stuff like that :p

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