Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day!

Today, Canada is 147 years old, which is an awesome number because it's mostly divisible by factors of 7 (1, 3, 7, 21, 49, 147), and the binary form (100100112) contains all the 2-digit binary numbers (00, 01, 10, 11).

Yeah, you know I like numbers, so do you want few fun, nerdy-number facts about my home country?

2: Canada is the second-largest landmass

4: The number of Canadian provinces on the day of Confederation

9: The number of Canadians who have travelled to space

12: Academy Awards given to National Film Board productions

17: UNESCO World Heritage Sites (with 7 more listed as tentative)

34: Years "O Canada" has been the official national anthem (July 1, 1980)

56: Canadian-born celebrities with stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

8,892: The length, in kilometres, of the border between Canada and the USA, which is the world's longest international boundary

35,427,524: Canada's population as of April 2014

So, if you're Canadian, do you have any other fun, nerdy-number facts about our country?

...and if you're not Canadian, what are some fun, nerdy-number facts about your country?


  1. ..... to make up facts about Atlantis or not ...

    1. Haha, now I kinda want to read them...

    2. 2. The number of times Atlantis has sunk beneath the waves.

      1. The position Atlantis holds as first nation to join the Underwater Nations (Lemuria, of course, is #2.)

      18. The minimum number of years one is sentenced to prison for pretending to be a mermaid in order to drown the surface dwellers.

      7. The number of humans who have actually seen Atlantis.

      5,000,000: The population of Atlantis for the past 8,000 years.

      45,394,493.2: The generally accepted Atlantean lucky number.

    3. Hahahaha, okay, I LOVE that the lucky number has a decimal point in it ;)

      ...and I totally snorted with laughter at the 'pretending to be a mermaid' one. Reminded me of your threat to include mer-wolves (or were they were-maids?)


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