Friday, November 1, 2013

The power of Google, vomit jokes, and the 'A-word'

Things I looked up today on Google while hitting, and then exceeding the daily NaNo wordcount goal:

École des Beaux-Arts/École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts
the hippocampus
Japanese hand saws

Number of vomit jokes written:

 2, including one involving a cat.

Number of times I typed the 'A-word': 


Number of times Kell has screwed with Jay's head (and rightly so):


Favourite line(s) of the day:

Oh shit. I'm going to have to take my pants off.
"Abracadabra my ass."
"Those tight panties of yours aren't just cutting off the flow of blood to your balls, they're cutting off your sense of humour, too."

(okay, why, when Jay and Donny get together do they act/talk like they're 12?)

Favourite image(s) of the day:

Donny in a pink frilly apron making sandwiches.

Things I found out that I didn't know already:

Jay's run out of scars... now what?
Somehow, Kell has more patience than I thought... I was expecting a blow-up by now.

Things I want to know:

When is Kell going to blow-up? It's kinda gotta happen soon...

NOW, it's time to walk Eva as it's 5:27pm and normally we're back from our second walk by this time.


  1. Excellent. You had a very good first day

    1. Not bad :) ...and I got to page 50 on the MS I promised to critique at the beginning of October...


      my bad.

  2. I wish I had the balls to write NANO. Sigh.

    Those are some killer lines :D Well done! Sometimes I wish we could write our queries like those late night ads. "Want to read more lines like THESE!? Well you CAN! Just request a full copy of my ms and it's all yours for the low low price..."


    1. Well, I do love writing queries/blurbs ;)

      And I usually only commit to a half-NaNo, so… one ball maybe?


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