Friday, July 19, 2013

FFF 8.2

Okay, my first-draft was 136 words, and I slimmed it down to exactly 100 by the time I finished my coffee. Nice thing is, I did it in less than half an hour!

...but I kinda wish I hadn't wasted an entire 26 words with that first sentence/prompt...

Kiyoshi didn’t consider himself a superstitious man, but when a third crow landed on his mailbox, he felt led to reevaluate his thoughts on the matter. His fingers fell silent against his keyboard, the flashing cursor on his screen forgotten. Mid-scene. Mid-sentence. Mid-murder. 
The crows worked together, beaks and claws cooperating to hoist the tiny metal flag usually flipped by the stumpy hand of the postman.
When the flag had been raised, they flew off, or up, rather, into the shivering limbs of a naked cherry tree. The soil below, disturbed. 
Kiyoshi went to check his mailbox.


  1. very often the prompt is not included in the 100 words. By the way this is 97 words.

    Like the imagery in this and how it could lead into so many more stories.

    Must tell you what my friend said about drabbles but not now - have to lie down

  2. some word programs would count "mid-sentence" as one word, mine counts it as two words.

    mostly I wanted to play with the word 'murder', since it involved crows ;)


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