Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Still moving, not dead yet

It's just after 6:30am, absolutely pouring outside, and I'm about to throw on a jacket and head over to a Muay Thai boxing gym.



I've been laid-up again with ribs popping out, was forbidden to even walk Eva for a while, and am kinda coming to the end of my patience with this whole thing.* Yes, it takes me a while to lose my patience :) First rib-poppage was early January... so... 3 months of this?

I've been told that I need to strengthen my back muscles (around my spine in particular), and was advised to take up yoga or something.

Now, no offence to any yoga-lovers**, but I've tried it, and I think I would seriously die of boredom if I had to do it every day for 1+ hours.

See, I like to move around. I'd rather go swimming, snowboarding, running, play soccer... even using a treadmill would be preferable to standing on a mat and s-l-o-w-l-y stretching into impressive poses.***

So, I'm looking for alternatives. I'm also going to check out a traditional boxing gym on Friday.

Right now any kind of twisting, no matter how small****, is wrenching things around just enough to tug those ribs out of joint... know what the latest culprit was? Shoulder checking while driving. So yeah, getting this thing fixed is sort of a priority for me.

So, I'm going to give a beginner class a shot and see what this is like.

Wish me luck :)

* It's very frustrating to stay in bed all day with a heating pad on the back, and an ice-pack on the front ribs.
** One of my best friends is a total yoga-lover
*** And I do fully admit, the advanced poses are crazy impressive...
**** I have now fully bested the art of rolling out of bed without twisting :)


  1. Heh. Good luck :) I tried yoga the once and had trouble not laughing. Also having not much in the way of flexibility doesn't help at all....

    1. Flexibility is something you can build up at any time, as long as you work at it... but I guess it depends if that's something you care about or not ;)

      I've done other sports that need good flexibility (skating, swimming, diving, ballet, gymnastics, etc) but not for so long, that I figured it was nearly gone... BUT, something I realized after putting on ice skates for the first time in 15+ years (like, 2 years ago after injuring my ankle, and skating was rehab to strengthen it again), the body doesn't forget.

      I felt pretty clumsy the first few kicks, the first few punches, the first few combos, and strangely enough, my body wanted to combine the combos -> meaning, I almost kneed, or kicked, the instructor 'cause I was doing it while throwing a punch... but I had a blast!

      Yup, I'm totally not a yoga person. One more *free*/trial Muay Thai class tomorrow morning @ 7:30am, then I'm trying out the *regular* boxing gym on Saturday. I'm hoping to do 2 of those classes two, then decide which one I'd like to sign up for.

  2. I think swimming would be way more fun than yoga. Best of luck with that rib business.

    1. I love swimming, but chlorine stuffs me up instantly, so I only swim in freshwater, like lakes :)

      ...and I MIGHT be taking a week at the end of April to do just that... we'll see ;)

  3. Replies
    1. With so much mental stress from the separation and impending divorce, if I don't burn off my excess energy, I get wicked insomnia...

      And no, I'm not learning to fight so I can beat up the ex ;)

  4. The rain here the last few days has been by the bucket. I agree about the yoga though I sleep in acupuncture which I had today and badly needed (rain and low pressure leaves me non functioning) Good luck with the boxing....

    1. Acupuncture is like massage... for relaxing the muscles ;) I do love me a good back massage...

      ...but I also love the endorphin rush from good old cardio.

      Seems I can do about 90% of the Muay Thai stuff without wrenching my back, though it is a little weird, the sensation of the scar tissue on my ribs catching... like a series of stops, a stutter in movement every time I swing through for a kick/punch/etc.

      It's nice and sunny here today, around 11C (51.8F), but it's supposed to pour again tomorrow morning :) This time, I'll go out better prepared so I don't show up at the gym soaked through :p

  5. hey what's up?? thinking about you today


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