Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rules of Riding Shotgun

So, yes, as of today, I'm officially changing the title of "Brake Fluid & Body Bags" to something along the lines of:

"_ Rules of Riding Shotgun"

Notice the "_" in the title? That's 'cause I think I might put a number there, I just haven't decided on how many rules there are.

So far, I have six:

Don’t ask stupid questions
Don’t talk back
Always obey the driver
Always trust the driver
Never lie to the driver
Never assume you have the right to ride shotgun

...any other suggestions, or do you think this covers it?

...also, for those grammar nazis out there, should it be "rules OF riding" or "rules FOR riding"? My ear wants it to be 'for', but 'of' seems to be more correct? If it's 'of', my brain wants to add 'the' to the beginning.

Sorry if I'm being confusing... here are the two I'm flipping between:

"The Six Rules of Riding Shotgun"
"Six Rules for Riding Shotgun"

Personally, I like the second one better, I'm just not sure it's grammatically correct

Due to... a number of people suggesting it, the "Rules" are also going to carry through the story better. In my current draft, they were almost secondary, but for the MC, these aren't only the rules of riding shotgun, they are the rules as to how he/she understands relationships with the people around him/her.

Follow the rules, or you get discarded/thrown away.

So, duh. They're pretty important, and I'm an idiot for letting them lapse into the background.

Anyways, would love to hear what you guys think :)


  1. that's exciting! I like "Six Rules for Riding Shotgun". Is there a rule in there about not touching the driver's radio? That's the only other one i can think, but i've never read your manuscript so i don't know if it even goes with the story.

    1. Heh, it's the passenger's job to put the music on ;)

  2. Never make faces at or question the driver’s lunch :D

    1. Hahaha, I think the MC is waaaaaaay beyond being startled by the weird stuff Triss eats ;)

  3. I'm the opposite of you, and like the first one better.

    But I think it's a much better title for your story - either way. It works SO well with the theme, I love it. I can't believe I didn't think of that either. I should be ashamed that I called myself a beta reader :P

    1. Well, you did only read the first few chapters, and only 3 people did mention I should change the title, and I had about 12-14 people read my first draft.

      I'm glad you approve :) I love things that seem sort of funny on the surface, but have a much darker/complex meaning underneath ;)

  4. Grammar nazi here reporting for duty :D I'd have to say both prepositions are grammatically correct: FOR indicates the rules apply to those who want to ride shotgun, and OF implies that the rules are dictated by the act of riding shotgun. "Rules OF" means riding shotgun has rules. "Rules FOR" means there's rules you must obey if you want to ride shotgun. It's a minute difference in meaning, but it might be a consideration for the impact you want to create.

    Aaaaaand I LOVE the title :)

    1. YOU are my new hero :D

      Seriously, can I give you a virtual hug?

      I knew there was a difference, but your clear explanation solved the murky question for me:

      of COURSE it has to be "of"!!!

      Thanks, Guilie, you're amazing :D

  5. Ah! I must confess sadness at not having thought of that title when doing edits. As for others:

    'Don't change the music'?

    1. Actually, Alcar, you did... not in your notes, but when we met up :) You were the first of 3 to make that connection :)


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