Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Not much, but more than a first page

Seems it's going to be a real cheery story this time ;) Contemporary, for sure. Well, almost sure. Have to see where it goes :p

Kell is pretty clear in my mind, but Jay's still a mystery.

Comments/criticisms always welcome :) It's freshly written, so I'm sure it's packed full of mistakes, though I know I did throw in one made-up word... can you find it? ...and I know the tenses are a little messed up... started in past, switched to present, and don't think I caught all the necessary fixes.

EDIT: I added a little more, and now (for sure) I know this'll lean closer to the magical realism end of things. Somehow these characters merged with a story idea that's been skulking around in the back of my head for years.

I *get* Jay now. Like, 100% get him.

...and I hope he creeps you out, just a little ;)


  1. I love your writing. This has enough darkness to it that I long for more.

  2. I looked again - I copied it into word
    enslimed is the word and a good one it is

    1. heh, I just couldn't help it... it sounded too good not to use :D

  3. it is too good not to use. Someone just told me you had snow. I said that Kristen hadn't mentioned it. She doesn't talk about such mundane stuff. I shouldn't have said that part out loud to the person I was speaking to. Horrid rain here going out right away


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