Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I'm not a book blogger. I don't like the politics involved in definitively saying a book is good/bad because everyone's tastes are different.

Occasionally I will mention a book I have particularly enjoyed, but for the first time, I'm going to talk about a book that isn't out yet, one that I'm excited to read when it does come out on September 18th.

"TEN", by Gretchen McNeil.

And not just 'cause it comes out a few days after my birthday (which it does).

I'm looking forward to this because it's loosely based on an Agatha Christie book.

Why does this matter? Well, between the ages of eight and eleven, I spent a week of every summer at my grandparent's house slowly working my way through every single Agatha Christie book.

Yup, I've read 'em all. Even the books she wrote under a pseudonym. I've also seen the play 'Ten Little Indians' six times, and a couple of other Christie books set on stage.

So, I've been deadly curious to see how this story has been re-envisioned since I heard about it.

For those of you who love blogging about books, and those motivated by awesome prize packs, Gretchen McNeil has set up a unique system to promote this book. I hope you all pass the word around. Video about it is here.

As a writer, I highly respect the effort McNeil has gone to to increase her online presence. Not only does she have an active website, she is one of the founding members of a YA writer's vlog (video blog) channel/group that's been running for... 2 years? Maybe longer... called YA Rebels which I've been following, on and off, for well over a year. In fact, I almost quit being an anonymous/faceless blogger by auditioning to be a member when they had a call out last summer.

Too bad I was at the family cabin the week it was announced. Normally I love being forced to give up internet for a week (a nice way to re-set ones priorities), but unfortunately, being away meant I found out about the call for auditions after it was already over.

Besides, I think you'd rather look at the cute-cartoony-black-cat-face than my own mug-shot ;) Especially after I donated (nearly) all my hair last September.

Anyways, I seriously hope you guys spread the word.

Since Twitter scares the hell out of dyslexic folk such as myself, I'm not eligible to win any prizes, so this post is about all I can do, other than pre-order "TEN" on my Kindle :) So you know I'm being 100% genuine in posting/promoting this. I really hope the books sells well.

Now, SERIOUSLY, I will hide in the other room and work on 'Brake Fluid' edits... argh. Too many excellent distractions... and two not so good ones in the form of: a) a blue heron eyeing my koi pond, and b) a deer emptying out our bird feeder again... sigh. At least Eva-the-beagle gets a kick out of chasing them away...


  1. I really enjoyed her book, Possess and Ten sounds sooo good. I googled her after reading Possess and have been anticipating it for months! I'm glad you are too.

    1. I haven't actually read 'Possess' yet, although it is on my enormous TBR virtual-pile (AKA Amazon wish list... now at 511 items...)

      ...too many good books out there, too little time ;)

  2. I gave her a Shout Out on my blog. I'm anxiously waiting for it to come out. I own all or most of the Agatha Christie collections, and I think I will enjoy TEN. Oh, and Happy Early Birthday. Mine is the 12th and my daughter the 14th of September.

    1. Hahaha, that's awesome! Mine is on the 13th!!

      Happy early birthday to you and your daughter as well :)

  3. Hi,
    Just had to say I enjoy your blog and I love your blurb on the "about me" tab. Very true :) I also am in one of those soul-crushing professions. I'm also in my 30's an only reccently rediscovered my writing bug, so I'm like a baby who can't even crawl in this. I'm amazed at all your accomplishments thus far on your project( your many projects).
    (p.s..I'm also Canadian :)


    1. Nice to meet you Jill! ...especially another Canadian who was worked a soul-sucking job ;)

      I love chatting about writing and making new writing friends, so feel free to drop me an email at any time :) I've met many wonderful people doing just that.


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