Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yeah, it's summer... I've been outside working on the witchy-yard instead of on my computer. And there's a lot of big projects to make this witchy-yard liveable.

One nearly completed big project is the dilapidated swimming pool conversion into a reflecting pond. I finished building shelves with concrete blocks and filling large areas with clay-rich earth and planted a ton of cool water plants.

Today was awesome...

'Cause I went to West Coast Koi Farms (who have been breeding Japanese stock exclusively for over 20 years) and picked out a dozen koi small koi (between 4-6") to put in.

...which pretty much disappeared into the pond.

I will get more at a later date. Because the pond is *new*, the bacterial/nitrate cycles need to stabilize, so even though I wanted to throw in three dozen or more fish... it's better to wait and do them in batches.

Also, we have no idea if they will simply be food for the raccoons/hawks/eagles/herons/etc.

What was cool is, while we were having dinner on the patio last night, a female mallard duck flew in and landed in the pond and was swimming around and bathing while we were eating. VERY cool.

The other big project that's going on is re-roofing a large shed. The roof is 300 square feet and it's been in progress for 2 full days now, and will probably take another 2 to finish it off. It's been so hot that the tape on the shingles keeps sticking to the tar, so it won't peel off. Makes it a little frustrating 'cause I just want to get the roof done and onto the next aspect of fixing this shed.

When the roof is done, I need to cut out all the rotten floorboards, replace the floor, and do a lot of work in the interior.

The eventual plan is for this to be my painting room, so electricity will need to be wired in and there are some open areas that need to be walled in, probably a bit of insulation, then drywall/paint/etc.

I'm hoping to have it done sometime in September, or at least in a usable state.

And of course there's the ongoing project of simply de-witching the yard. Digging out weeds, pulling out ivy, cutting back overgrown monstrosities...

It's a big job.

Any big summer plans or projects? Writing or otherwise?


  1. that is a lot of work! it's hotter than the sweatshops of hell and we went to the beach...I think this summer will be one of the record breakers. We have no holidays planned at the moment which is fine by me. Writing? don't get me started

    1. Yup, even though it's only in the low 20C (70F) around here, that's plenty hot enough to wreck havoc on the roofing shingles.

      I'm SOOOOO glad it's done now!

  2. I think you just talked me out of ever owning my own home. I'm exhausted just reading all the work you're doing.

    But the reward of the mallard was worth the sight. Maybe you'll post pictures :)


    1. The funny thing is, I love doing it :)

      Above anything else, I love learning new things, and I like actually seeing a physical result from my hard work.

      So, first roofing job = awesome in all ways ;)

      I'm going to post some before/after pictures soon. Not sure if I'll catch one of the duck or not as that was pretty random.

  3. That sounds like quite the busy outdoors action. Yet, when you describe that mallard landing and bathing while you guys were eating, I could just imagine all that work being worth it. Hope you are able to get the shed down soon so that you have it as dedicated space for painting.

    Writing has been my main thing. Doing more writing and less blogging. Even decided I want to buckle down in my robe and dedicate hours of time to Write On Con in August :-)

    1. It's definitely worth it :)

      Most people would look at this witchy property and say, 'oh my goodness, that's too much work!' while I looked at it and said, 'of my goodness, look at the potential!'

      More writing/less blogging is probably a good thing ;) I'd love to see some more snippets posted on your blog soon!

  4. I wish I had the know-how to do any of these things. We have a tiny backyard (and we successfully grew corn this year - which I think I'm allergic to corn pollen). But it's a boring backyard. It's not one that you want to go out and sit in and enjoy :(

    Definitely no ducks! I hope that you get done soon so you can move onto other things :)

    I did Camp NaNo and have been since playing Dota 2. My husband and I are celebrating our year anniversary in one and a half weeks. We're repeating our first date (picnic).

    1. Woo-hoo for the corn, boo-boo for the allergies :( husband, cat and dog are all allergic to grass pollen...

      Well, it was my first time roofing, but I strongly believe in my ability to follow instructions, think logically, and focus on one step at a time. It's amazing how many new things you can learn/accomplish when you take it slow and don't let yourself get overwhelmed.

      WOW! Congrats on the 1 year anniversary!! what's the picnic menu?


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