Friday, February 17, 2012

The wonders of youtube research

For this next scene... I stopped about half a dozen times while I was writing it to look up and watch a number of youtube videos on skinning animals. I also had to look up information on bear weight/size/etc to make the scene play out in a logical manner.

It also occurred to me how amazing we have it as writers with an unlimited research facility available to us with a few clicks on the keyboard.

We live in awesome times.

I know this scene needs to be fleshed out (no pun intended), but my first-drafts usually have too little information rather than too much. It's during the second-draft that I end up with heavy pages of description when I'm trying to fill in what's missing and end up overshooting what's necessary. Third pass is for trimming it down.


  1. so terribly inappropriate, that I staggered back from the den.“You really killed a god.”

    I'm having a problem with the word "inapporpriate" I don't see her voice saying that. Otherwise very intriguing

    So true - I cannot imagine writing without a word processing program and all the research at our finger tips - assuming can find what we need I’ve written submissions in the past on typewriters - the horror! Having to re type a whole page for one typo if could not correct it with white out

    1. Charles Schultz had an entire library as reference for doing Peanuts, iirc. The world has changed in many ways, which tend to be more useful than they sometimes seem.


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