Monday, August 1, 2011

Long Weekend's a holiday Monday, here in BC, Canada, which means a lazy morning and a late post...

My husband and I are getting ready to leave on holidays (Aug. 6-21), so it was nice to linger over breakfast, savour that extra cup of coffee and just enjoy the sunshine, the hummingbirds and the pets who are sleeping on their respective sofas. Thankfully, deer are not currently decimating my gardens...

As noon rolls (rolled) around, I finally finished reading/commenting on the last couple SSS participant sites and am now thinking of what to do next... going away for so long is unusual for us, and with the freshly planted gardens, I know I'm going to have to find a timer and hook up a temporary watering system before we leave. I have those cool blown-glass watering bulbs for my indoor plants, but I suspect some of them won't make it as they are finicky about drainage, yet they like to be watered often.

Well, I think I'll throw on some work clothes and get out there... It's a nice temperature: 20C (68F)

...okay, I spoke too soon about the deer... too bad there's reflections from the window, but this is the yearling buck from our family of four... he's got fabulous comedic timing... and it looks like he found the cosmos. Mmmmm, tasty.


  1. yeah I heard it is cold in BC - NL too - I didn't look to see how hot it was today. I am browner than a berry and had too much sun today. So? no neighbour for the indoor plants and the garden watering?

    how come you say "cup" of coffee??

    anyway will try and get back to you before you go

  2. Is it wrong to say "cup of coffee"?

    Since we just moved into the witch's hut, we have only met one neighbour, and he is building a house next door, therefore he only drops by the site once in a while :)

    We're in kind of a rural area.


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