Sunday, June 12, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 2

Well, last time was fun!

It was great to read so many other writers' six sentences :) Go read the others if you haven't yet.

So, I know I'm going out of order... last time I posted a snippet of Alexander's mom, but these six sentences happen just before and focus on his dad.

Edit: Oh, the green bean comment -> they had stew for dinner and the mom forgot and put green beans in (she always put them in for Kaitlin, but Alexander hates them).


I hear the tv click on and the disembodied jumble of voices as he channel-surfs. When I hear a crowd cheering, I know he’s found the Monday night football game. The volume gets noticeably louder. Seattle must be playing and I wonder if he’s feeling lonely ‘cause of the green beans. Kaitlin always used to watch football with him and cheer really loudly for whatever team was playing against Seattle. I don’t think she really liked the game, ‘cause she didn’t have a favorite team or anything. I think she just liked to make him mad.


  1. Nice Six! I wonder who Kaitlin is?
    Kristin Wolfgang

  2. Maybe Kaitlin was pretending to like the game. I'd like to hear more about her.

  3. Love green beans. And love the six

  4. Kaitlin is Alexander's sister who recently died ;)

  5. Great six, really well written. Could picture it clearly in my mind. :-D

  6. Again, the voice in this is great.


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